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General Specifications
Made from the highest quality stainless steel, these durable, corrosion resistant tools are guaranteed to provide years of service. They are engineered to minimum size for easy control and to fit comfortably in your hand for ease of use. For receptacle installation, choose the RIT or ART tool that matches the receptacle and follow the Insertion Instructions below. The press ring keeps the receptacle in place, so no glue is required. The spring probe can then be inserted into the receptacle to complete the installation. The height of the probe can be changed by mounting the receptacle at different heights. Insert receptacle into the drill hole. Insert tip of RIT tool into the top of the receptacle and, with slight hand pressure, seat the receptacle into the drill hole until resistance is met. Tap the top of the tool with a small plastic hammer until the receptacle is seated at the proper height. The press ring keeps the receptacle in place.
More Product Specifications:
ARIT-1/1M: Flush to .220 in. used on SPR-1W/LTR-1W
ARIT-25/25M: Flush to .220 in. used on SPR-2W/SPR-25W/SPR-64W-2
ART-62: Flush to .285 in. used on HPR-62W
ART-72: Flush to .220 in. used on HPR-72W
RIT-0-0: Flush mount, used on SPR-0W
RIT-3-0: Flush mount, used on SPR-3W
RIT-30-0: Flush mount, used on HPR-30W
RIT-4-0: Flush mount, used on SPR-4W
RIT-40-0: Flush mount, used on HPR-40W, or STT-80W, or ECR-80W
RIT-5-0: Flush mount, used on SPR-5W
RIT-64-005: .005 in. mount, used on SPR-64W-2
RIT-74-005: .005 in. mount, used on EPR-74W-2
RIT-BMP: Flush mount, used on BMR-1/BMP-2
RIT-80-0: Flush mount, used on STT-80W
PIT-0: used on SPA-0/HPA-0/HPA-50
PIT-20: used on MEP-20
PIE-25: used on POGO-25/LFRE-25/LTP-25
FIT-1: used on insulator for HPR-72W-4/SPR-0W-4