Termination Types

Several receptacle termination styles are available to choose from as listed on this page. Some styles are only available in certain sizes; please see the specific probe series page for details. Within the tool section you will find insertion and extraction tools offered by ECT as well as installation tips for the receptacle.


This reliable connection is used primarily on smaller probe sizes in high density applications where wire wrap is not available or in situations where probe plate thickness inhibits the use of wire wrapping. Push-on terminals can be used and are commercially available from most connector manufactures.


This termination provides excellent electrical integrity for high reliability applications. It is used primarily in low density situations.

Wire Wrap

These termination are strong and provide excellent electrical integrity. It is the most common termination used in ATE fixturing. Connections can be made quickly by skilled technicians. Push-on terminals which fit the standard .025″ (0,64 mm) square post can also be used.

Round Post

Round Post receptacles with 0.25″ (0,64 mm) diameter posts are used with .100″ (2,54 mm) center connectors and/or ribbon cable assemblies for mass termination.


Fastite® or Quck Connect termination™ provides exceptional contact integrity and is available only on SMT receptacles. Connections can be made quickly and wiring mistakes can be corrected easily without damaging the receptacles.